Frequently Asked Questions

What brands of faucet do you recommend?

Our product page lists the brands we recommend most. However, we recommend Wolverine Brass faucets as a higher quality fixture, and Delta, Moen, and Kohler faucets as an alternative. Wolverine Brass is a higher quality fixture due to brass construction, while Delta, Moen, and Kohler have the benefit of more easily accessible parts for repairs.

Do I need a Backflow? And how often do I need my Backflow checked?

Backflow is a term used to describe unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. Backflow into a public or private water supply can pollute or contaminate the system and pose a serious health risk. There are a few reasons why backflows occur, so it’s best to consult with a licensed plumbing contractor to determine why. A backflow preventer is usually installed to meet the requirements of the EPA, Local Water Purveyor and/or Health Department. The EPA requires them be tested at least once a year to ensure everything is working properly.

What makes your shower installations unique?

We strive for quality installations. For instance, we set all our Tub Shower units in a mortar base. This ensures even weight distribution across the sub-floor, provides a solid Tub or shower floor surface that can handle weight situation and acts as a wonderful sound dampener for a quieter shower experience. This is not a normal practice with most current Tub Shower installations.

My shower is leaking somewhere and if the drywall needs cut open to access, do you repair the drywall?

At this time, we do not do any drywall repair or replacement. We instead offer a selection of access panels to cover openings created, if possible.

I have had my sewer line snaked many times, why does it continue backing up?

If you have a recurring issue after taking care of a backed-up line, this usually means there is some contributing condition with your line. In most cases the cause could be separation of the line, roots, gravel or a foreign object. In these situations, JEM has state of the art camera snaking equipment and can diagnose the problems in the line, and can determine the best repair decision moving forward.

Why might water be coming into my basement through the foundation wall?

It is possible that the downspouts may be blocked off and not allowing for water to flow away from your home. We offer snaking services as well as camera services to alleviate this problem.

My basement drains are backing up and/or my kitchen drain won’t drain at all; what should I do?

JEM offers snaking services for sanitary lines and jetting services for smaller lines. Snaking works well for roots and compacted build-up inside the lines, jetting works great for grease, soap scum or lines that have “bellies” in them. Our technicians can handle any blockage in your sanitary lines.

Your tech said that he/she needs to cut a hole into my wall/ceiling to expose the plumbing. Will you be replacing that drywall?

JEM Plumbing does not currently install or replace drywall. However, if we open up the wall or ceiling we install an access panel in order to close off the hole unless otherwise requested.

How would I winterize my pool house?

The first step is shutting off the water to your pool house so that the fixtures are not live. Then, drain all the appliances out including shower lines, faucet lines, toilet lines, etc. JEM takes the added step of using a non-toxic, non-corrosive NoBurst antifreeze solution in each fixture to keep them from freezing.

What kind of hot water tank do I need?

The type of hot water tank you need depends on your home setup, utilities and, also, a bit of personal preference. The following tanks are available for installation by JEM Plumbing in both residential and commercial applications.

  • Gas – If you have gas available, a gas hot water heater is often your best long-term choice. Gas is usually cheaper and much faster at heating a tankful of water than electricity.
  • Electric – If gas is not an option, do not despair, the new technology used in electric hot water heaters is both faster and more cost effective that older models.
  • Tankless – Navien is the brand we recommend if a tankless hot water heater is the best option for you. With a tankless unit you are never limited to a fixed pre-heated supply of water, as with a tank. You’ll enjoy hot water when you want it, for as long as you need it. Some Residential applications where a tankless makes a lot of sense is if you routinely have extended family coming in and need larger volumes of water at different times as well as homes with multiple showers/Jacuzzi or soaking tubs.
  • Point of use – These small units install easily under a sink or cabinet. They are most effective in areas where there is no easy access to a hot water source including offices, shopping malls, service stations and other commercial applications where economical hot water is needed.
  • Insta Hot - Instant hot water dispensers for making your perfect cup of Tea or any food item that you would like hot water for. Installed underneath kitchen sink
I have a used dishwater I would like installed; will you install it for me?

Used appliance installations are a case to case situation as we at JEM find quality installations and safety to be important in any job. Pictures, descriptions and knowledge of the source of the used appliance will determine our installation process or if the best solution is something new.

Give us a call and we would be happy to see about resolving any of your plumbing questions or current plumbing needs!