Latest quality brands at competitive prices

JEM Plumbing, Inc provides a wide range of fixtures, units & Plumbing Products. We do our best to continually research current products and search out the latest brands to provide our customers with top quality products at competitive prices. If you want something special or unique to your home / business, we can locate what you need or special order from one of our Suppliers.


Our go to shower is the Sterling by Kohler brand. They provide a variety of options to suit your specific applications.


We recommend multiple makes and types of boilers depending on your individual needs and requirements. Give us a call to go over what would be best for your specific Boiler application.


JEM stocks and recommends a variety of Wolverine Brass faucets to suit your needs and preferences. To provide efficient scheduling time frames we recommend one of the Wolverine Brass Faucets we stock. Delta, Moen or Kohler also has nice products but more importantly when it comes time for a repair or part replacement these brands have replacement parts readily available.

Garbage Disposals

We stock three different Garbage Disposals / Insinkerators for our good, better & best options.

Please check out the specification sheets on our recommended Garbage Disposals. We hope it helps in the selection process for finding what best fits for your household. Any questions, just give us a call we would be happy to help!

Our JEM Tip: Garbage disposals are not trash cans. Grease and large food particles are not permitted down the disposal. Disposing of these products properly can extend the life of your new unit! Check out the different appliance specs for the different applications and what they recommend.

Hot Water Heaters and Tankless Units

We stock Gas and Electric Bradford White hot water tanks and Navien tankless units. Bradford White is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot water heaters and our Brand of choice. Call us today to get a quote on a new hot water tank or the option of switching to a tankless system.

Sump Pumps

Check out the product specifications and more info on the Liberty pumps, Glentronics Pro Series, and the Blue Angel Battery Backup System at each corresponding link.


There are so many different brands out there it becomes difficult to choose! Our go to Toilet is a Kohler or Mansfield, which we keep in-stock at our Shop. We approach it with a good, better & best Toilet option. If you would like a bit more economical, but still quality product, we would recommend the Mansfield Summit Toilet, next up is the Kohler Wellworth, which is an all around work horse of a Toilet and then the for a premium flush the Kohler Cimarron, for that truly great, long lasting, hassle-free Toilet. We stock the Round or Elongated Bowl in both Regular and Comfort Height.

If you want a different color, specialty toilet or bidet we can order in from one of our Suppliers. Below are some websites we recommend for viewing styles and options.

Our JEM Toilet Tip: All feminine hygiene products and children wipes (even ones labeled flushable) should NOT be put down the toilet. For a long lasting Flush, the only work you should be giving your Toilet is taking care of #1, #2 and TP. The before mentioned products are the leading culprits of most clogs and premature failures in the destruction of septic systems.