Downspouts can often get plugged up or broken by both natural and unnatural occurrences in our environment. Using state of the art Camera and Location equipment, our technicians can find the source of the problem, be it roots, broken lines, or just a bad original installation job. After the problem is diagnosed, we can provide solutions to resolve the issues with localized repair or total replacement, by us in-house or provide a complete write up so you can obtain estimates from other contractors to make the necessary repairs.

Typically this is not something most Plumbers do, but over the years, being asked by so many of our customers to fix and diagnose their downspout issues, we have become properly equipped and have the experience with our team at JEM to resolve and fix many downspout and drainage issues. If you believe you have a downspout that is not working properly or you think is broken, we would be happy to Camera the downspouts or area drains to confirm the exact location of any issues you may have. Our technicians also have the means to shoot the grade and slope around your property to determine the best means for proper drainage.