Sump Pumps

JEM Plumbing has tested and tried many different sump pumps and we have narrowed our personally preferred pumps down to the JEM good, better, best approach. For our good sump pump system we offer the liberty 237 or 257, depending on your situation.

For the better system we offer the Glentronics Pro Series pump system which comes with a more effective float switch and a caged vacuum receptacle. This pump also has an emergency alert controller which when plugged in, alerts you to any failure of the pump. An upgrade for the pump is available in the form of a Wi-Fi capable adapter that allows you to monitor the pump from your phone.

The additional comfort of a Battery Backup system is highly recommended with any finished basement for the prevention of potential water damage to your home in the case of a Pump failure or power outages. Our best system, The Blue Angel Gemini, is a battery backup and primary pump system, installed with system set up and a Deep Cycle Marine Battery. This system has a Five-year product warranty and is able to be monitored via an App on your phone which gives you real-time status of the pump and battery backup pump, as well as power outage notifications texted right to your phone.